Welcome to my digital garden! This website is inspired by wayback machine deep dives, as well as digital gardening as a whole! I was feeling kind of sad about the fact that the internet has become so impersonal. We have the ability to create tiny, personal spaces that people all over can visit, but the web often breaks away from that. I wanted to harken back to the web days of old, and create my own personal site! I didn't actually grow up in the old internet days, but I have a lot of love for older software, as well as chaotic design in general! I am very new to html, but I hope to keep using this site as a way to grow my skills! Thanks for visiting <3

time for a lesson in me!!

the basics:tuesday★16★enby★(they/them)★trixic asexual★california

find me elsewhere:tumblrletterboxdare.naspotify>

fun facts:

  • I thrive in cold weather, and melt in the sun(like the witch from oz).
  • I love organizing, but can't keep things tidy to save my life.
  • I enjoy old technology, junk shops, and yard sales.
  • I watch tons of lost media youtube videos, as well as documentaries about cults.
  • I am always taking small adventures, but I'm not super into hanging out in large groups!
  • I mostly wear wool sweaters and pleated trousers(my comfort clothes)!
  • My favorite animal is a turkey vulture!! scavengers in general rule too!
  • Currently, my room is covered in mini string lights, and i love them.
  • My favorite food is breakfast burritos!
  • ms paint self portrait, which i drew in 2021!!